Laippatie 17
00950 Helsinki, Finland




Mac Pro (2 x 2.66GHz Dual Core Intel Xeon)
Pro Tools HD9 (32 in / 26 out)
ESI 4x4ch usb midi interface


Dynaudio BM6A
Genelec 1030A
M-Audio EX66
Presonus Monitor Station


8 channels SSL VHD Pre
4 ch. handmade pres by Tapio Rantanen (Finnvox)
2 ch. Emperical Labs Mike-E
1 ch. SPL Chanel One
4 ch. Focusrite ISA
4 ch. TL Audio 5001 tube pre
8 ch. Focusrite Octopre

Outboard Rack

1 ch Emperical Labs Lil Freq EQ
2 ch handmade SSL like EQs (made by Tapio Rantanen from Finnvox)
2 ch Focusrite Green Series Compressors
2 ch handmade UA audio-like compressors (made by Tapio Rantanen from Finnvox)
Line6 Pod XT


Waves: Studio Classic Collection TDM
Digidesign: Massive Pack 7 Pro TDM
TC Electronics: VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb TDM, DVR2 TDM, NonLin2 TDM, MD3 TDM, Master X3 TDM

+ see the Control Room 2 plugin list!



Mac Pro (2x2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon)
Pro Tools 10 (8 in / 8 out)


Dynaudio BM6A
Genelec 1030A
Yamaha HS80M
Avantones (active)
Mackie Big Knob -controller
Sennheiser HD600 -headphones

Outboard Rack

Emperical Labs Distressor
BBE 882i sonic maximizer
Boss CE-300 Super Chorus
Behringer Ultra Curve Pro spectrum analyzer
Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
M-Audio KeyRig 49 Midi Controller
Art Multiverb 3 Digital multi-effector/pitch transposer/sampler
Art FXR elite programmable digital multi-effects processor


Waves: Platinium bundle, Studio Classic Series, CLA Classic Compressors, Maserati Signature, GTR.
UAD: Manley Massive Passive, Helios 69, Pultec EQT-1A, CS-1, EX-1, UA 1176SE, EL7 Fatso, Fairchild, Neve 33609, Neve 33609SE, Precision De-Esser, Precision Maximizer, EMT 250, RealVerb Pro, RS-1, DM-1, DM-1L, Precision EnhancerKHz
Lexicon PCM Native reverb bundle
Soundtoys: Native FX bundle
Izotope: Trash, Alloy, Nectar, Vinyl
Antares: Autotune Evo, AVOX Evo
Slate Digital: Trigger (platinum), FG-X virtual mastering processor, The Virtual Console Collection, The Virtual Bus Compressors series, The Virtual Tape Machines
Digidesign: TL Space, Reel Tape Suite, Structure, Hybrid, etc...
Other: bx_shredspread, Aria player Garritan instant orchestra, KUSH Audio UBK-1, Melodyne Editor etc…


Microphones / DI Boxes

1x Neumann M147
2x Neumann TLM 103
2x Rode NT2000
1x Shure Beta 58A
1x Shure Beta 57A
2x Shure SM57
1x Shure SM58
1x Shure Beta 52A
2x Shure SM7B
2x Audix D6
2x Audix i5
3x Audix D2
1x Audix D4
1x Audix OM5
1x Sennheiser MD421
1x Sennheiser MD 409 U3
1x Sennheiser e604
1x Sennheiser e609
2x Sennheiser e840
1x Electro-voice 635A
1x Electro-voice PL35
1x Electro-voice RE15
4x GA-project FC4 ST
6x CAD M179
1x CAD E100S
1x CAD e70
1x Beyerdynamic M160
3x T.Bone RB500
2x Radial J48 Active direct box
1x Radial X-Amp re-amping box
4x ProCo CB-1 passive direct box



Vox AC-50 (gtr/bass tube amp)
Hughes & Kettner TriAmp (gtr tube amp)
Blackstar HT-5 (gtr tube amp)
Egnater Rebel-20 (gtr tube amp)
Blackheart 5H (tube amp)
Trace Elliot (Bass amp)
Hartke ha5500 (Bass amp)
Yamaha 7W (transistor amp)

Instrument Effects/PreAmps

Peavey Valverb (gtr pre-amp)
Roland GP-100 (gtr multi-effect)
Digitech GSP 21 pro (gtr multi-effect)
Alesis Quadraverb GT (gtr multi-effect)
Line6 Pod 2 (gtr multi-effect)
Line6 Pod XT (gtr multi-effect)
Boss OD-3 Overdrive (pedal)
Boss Octave OC-2 (pedal)
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive (pedal)
Boss GE-7 Equalizer (pedal)
Boss TR-2 Tremolo (pedal)
Boss ST-2 Power stack (pedal)
Boss ODB-3 B Bass overdrive (pedal)
Boss Super Phaser PH-2 (pedal)
Boss Bass Synthesizer SYB-3 (pedal)
Electro-harmonix Holy grail plus (pedal)
Electro-harmonix Memory boy(analog delay pedal)
Electro-harmonix Octave multiplexer (pedal)
Electro-harmonix Big muff(russia model) (pedal)
Ibanez BS10 Bass stack (pedal)
Ibanez TK999 Tube king (pedal)
Ibanez Renometer (pedal)
Ibanez Super Metal SM 9 (pedal)
Ibanez Graphic EQ GE 9 (pedal)
Vox Wah-wah (pedal)
Tonebone Hot british(distortion pedal)
Gallien-Krueger Diesel Dawg (pedal)
Pro co RAT (pedal)
MI-audio Crunch box (pedal)
Mid-Fi electronics Fuzz (pedal)
Nux AB3 router switcher (pedal)
Honeytone mini amp (pedal)
Morley Tripler (pedal)
Tech 21 SansAmp (programmable bass driver DI pedal)
Schaller tremolo (pedal)
Danelectro Pepperoni (pedal)
Crybaby Wahwah (pedal)
Rostex Distortion (pedal)


Rivera 2x12" speaker cabinet
Marshall 2x12" mod (1x Celestion 12" GT-75, 1x Celestion 12" V30)
Marshall 2x12" mod (1x Eminence 12" Private Jack, 1x Eminence 12" Wizard)
Hartke 8x10" (bass cabinet)
Trace Elliot 15" (bass cabinet)


Pearl: BD 24", RT 14", FT 16", FT 18", SN 13" JJ1365
Tama Rockstar: BD 20", RT 10", FT 16"
Premier BD 24"
Yamaha SN 14"
2 x Roland PD-8 dual trigger pad

Guitars / Bass guitars

Fender Telecaster USA (gtr)
Fender Telecaster Jim Adkins -model (gtr)
Gretsch Electromatic (baritone guitar)
DeArmond M-75T (gtr)
DeArmond (gtr)
Fernandes Ravelle (gtr)
Tokai Les Paul pink (gtr)
P.R.S (gtr)
2x Takamine (ac gtr – keep style either guitar or gtr)
Takamine (nylon string ac gtr)
Dean (ac guitar)
Fender Precision (bass)
Gibson Thunderbird (bass)
Charvel (bass)
Tokai Hardpuncher (bass)
Sting Ray (bass)

Synths / Keyboards

Nord Rack 2 Virtual Analog rack synth
E-mu Systems Proteus/1 rack synth
Yamaha DX7 synth
Casio Privia digital piano
… and a lot of virtual synths

PA system

LD DAVE 10+ active PA system (2x satellite, 1x subwoofer)
2x Db technologies F12 active speaker 300w
Yamaha 01v96 digital mixing console
20/4 30m multicable

… ask about PA for rent!