Laippatie 17
00950 Helsinki, Finland


Main recording room

Our main recording room is 45 square meters in size and its high ceiling (5m) provides top-quality ambience sounds for example during drum recordings.

Control Room 1

From this recording / production room you have a good view of the main recording area. A flexible patch bay & a good set of pre-amps will meet all of your recording needs.

Control Room 2

This control room is used mainly for mixing and post-production, but it's also suitable for overdubbing recordings. The big handmade diffuser on the rear wall provides a clear listening experience from around the room.

Recording Booth 1

This is the bigger of the two isolation rooms. The patch bay is routed to both control rooms.

Recording Booth 2

This smaller isolation booth is big enough for speaker cabinets etc.


This upstairs lounge is a great place to hang out, eat or rest between sessions. The lounge overlooks the main recording area through two sound-proofed windows. There is a fridge, microwave and a coffee machine plus a TV and a DVD player with a good audio system.